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Sisimizi Game Catalog is a free, non-commercial database software to catalog and manage a personal video games collection. It supports games from all classic to the most recent video game consoles and computer systems. The program is based on Ant Movie Catalog and open source software under GPL.

Program features:

  • powerful scripting system to retrieve game information from the internet
  • can be installed to and run from removable media like usb sticks or hdd
  • printing system with report designer and user customizable templates
  • import from various other formats and databases
  • full or partial export of catalogs to various other file formats
  • full or partial export of catalogs to HTML for websites
  • supports *.jpg and *.png file formats for covers
  • group games by platform, genre, year and lots more
  • 3 user customizable fields for additional informations
  • loan management
  • statistics with bar and pie charts
  • translated into 9 languages yet:
    cz.png Czech, nl.png Dutch, 13871230823611gb.png English, 89381230823611fr.png French, 83411230823611de.png German, 46081230823611it.png Italian, 96551230823612pl.png Polish,
    23591230823612ru.png Russian, 74891236113953es.png Spanish 
Sisimizi Game Catalog is compatible with most Microsoft® Windows® operating systems.