Something about "Sisimizi"

Sisimizi Game Catalog has been derived from Antoine Potten's software Ant Movie Catalog, and so has its name. Sisimizi is a Swahili word for ant (a brown, harmless one), and for some reasons Sisimizi Game Catalog still is some kind of Ant Game Catalog. Nevertheless, to avoid confusion with Antoine's original software and to give it a particular identity, it got its own, unmistakable name: Sisimizi Game Catalog. And hell, yeah, it might be some kind of homage, too. ;-)


Just another Game Catalog ?

Sisimizi Game Catalog started as a one-man project in spring 2008. Although it was primarily build to fit programmers personal needs, another intention was to give gamers a free, open source alternative to commercial products. And while there are dozens of programs for movie and music collectors, there are only few for gamers available - in fact, it seems there are probably more available for Mac® than for Windows® !

It's nice to see that Sisimizi Game Catalog, still on beta status and only mentioned on few forums, is available in nine (!) languages now. Thanks go out to the volunteers doing these translations, as we hope this might become a big thing on the net - and you are part of it. Without you it wouldn't be possible to spread this program all over the world and make it available to those gamers not speaking English.


Sisimizi Game Catalog's roadmap

No roadmap yet.. but Game Catalog 1.0 probably will be launched on January 2009 - uhm, soon. ;-)