This page gives some detailed information for webmasters ..

  • managing a website that is available in Sisimizi Game Catalog through a plugin
  • managing a video games related website not yet supported, for any hardware platform (consoles and computers, from former to most recent ones)
  • responsible for a webshop dealing with video games for any hardware platform

Please take a minute to read through this document, as it will give you some impressions on how Sisimizi Game Catalog works, that the software's intention is not to "steal" your data and how your website can benefit from it, too.



Sisimizi Game Catalog's overview

Sisimizi Game Catalog is a free, non-commercial open source software published under the terms of the GNU General Public License. It is developed by volunteers who contribute to the project in various ways during their spare time. There is no company behind 'Sisimizi' and we do not have any financial interests on this software.

This application is designed to help people manage their personal video games collections. To ease the manual input for the user, it can make use of plugins that import some specific informations from websites. Each plugin corresponds to one website and it is partly independent from the rest of the application, while the application itself is completely independent and can be used without any plugins.


What Sisimizi Game Catalog does with your website

Technically Sisimizi Game Catalog, when using one of the plugins, acts very similar a web browser. It downloads the page, parses the HTML source and displays the information on its results window, while the number of information depends on the specific plugin. Then the user may store this information locally in a file using an internal binary format or a format based on XML. The web browser does nearly the same when caching. 

Without plugins for websites the user can get exactly the same results, but he/she has to copy and paste information manually. Using a plugin means less work for the user, while it gives website's owners the certainty that a link to their website - the origin of these information - will be stored among the other information. Besides, every plugin gives website's owners the possibility to add their own license for the usage of these informations (e.g. restrict it to private use only). The user will have to accept this license every time he/she downloads a new version of the plugin and runs it for the first time.

The information itself is stored only locally on the computer of the user. There is absolutely no place on Sisimizi's website or any other related online repository, where these information could be also replicated.


Commercial aspect

We don't make any commercial usage of this software and we have absolutely no financial interests on it. Anyone could freely download, use, copy and distribute it under the terms of the GNU General Public License.This software is free and it will stay free.

We'll even try to keep Sisimizi website free from advertisements as long as possible, but to finance hosting and domain name it might be neccessary one day. For the moment, there is only a partner link from our webhosting service available.


The impacts on your website

(a) Bandwidth

It's impossible to exactly know how many users of Sisimizi Game Catalog or a specific plugin there are. But it is probably a very little number compared to the visitors and traffic your website could have.

To avoid unneccessary traffic Sisimizi Game Catalog only downloads the HTML source and, in most cases, a single picture. It won't download any other resources such as additional pictures, flash animations, javascript, CSS, etc. Once the information are downloaded on the user's machine, there won't be any other access on the website, unless the user goes for another game or opens and visits your website on his/her browser using the provided link. So in most cases traffic caused by a plugin will be only few kilobytes.

Sisimizi Game Catalog doesn't perform any kind of parallel transaction or pre-fetching, while most modern web browsers do. Only one page is downloaded at a given time. For searches the results are parsed by the plugin and then displayed to the user. When the user selects the item of his choice the second page is downloaded. This means that between each request there might be many seconds and in worst case it should not be less than one second.

(b) Revenues

If your revenues are based on advertisements only, it is true that the ads won't be displayed within Sisimizi Game Catalog. But it won't also impact your statistics. As Sisimizi Game Catalog doesn't get the resources, it won't download what is needed to be identified as a user by advertisements. Most of the time these use flash animations, pictures or javascript code for that purpose, but as these won't be accessed by Game Catalog, it won't be considered as a user who display the ads without clicking on it - it should just be invisible for ads.


How your website can benefit from Sisimizi Game Catalog

There are several ways your website can benefit from a corresponding plugin on Sisimizi Game Catalog.

(a) If you manage a webshop that sells video games, the most important fact for you probably is, that Sisimizi Game Catalog might acquire new customers without any additional costs. Users of Sisimizi Game Catalog are almost what we call "real" gamers or passionate collectors who spend a good part of their money on consoles, hardware and games - else it just wouldn't make sense to use such program. We are quite sure these users are your preferred target to acquire new customers from. So why not use a free plugin on Sisimizi Game Catalog to spread your name and URL to gamers, who eventually not even have heard of your website before ? Don't you agree that it's a valuable extra and a great advantage if your URL is linked on every catalog item of potential customers instead of the URL of your competitor ? Not to forget psychological effects, as most users tend to visit shops or brands they have always on their mind..

For online shops there are some more features planned for next updates of Sisimizi Game Catalog, e.g. there will be a "wishlist" feature for games the user wants to buy, a "Buy from.." function on any item that leads directly to the corresponding page of your webshop and that cannot be changed manually by the user anymore, and probably an automatic update feature for recent prices of these items.

(b) If you manage a website that offers games related content and reviews for any console or computer system from the past to present days, you can easily benefit from a free Sisimizi Game Catalog plugin, too. First of all, most users will visit links on their catalog items from time to time, as the information downloaded will never be as extensive as the information and pictures on your website. On the other hand you can find a lot of new users that might not know about your website yet - worldwide. If your website is listed with its own plugin on Sisimizi Game Catalog's scripts page, gamers from all over the world will recognize your website, your URL and what your website's content is about.

Especially websites related to retro consoles or computer systems might catch the eye of users who did not even think about these gaming systems for years. Now it's easy for you to turn them into fans again!

Last but not least, there is another advantage for games related websites - you can offer your users a free but valuable extra for download. We are quite sure users who collect games will mostly be thankful for the possibility to access their favorite website additionally through a plugin - it will even bound them to your site more than before.

(c) For large websites with more than 1000 unique visitors a day and for websites that feature a print magazine, we have a great special offer: Get your own, special version of Sisimizi Game Catalog for FREE. We only need few information, a logo of your website or magazine and the permission to release an official Game Catalog plugin, and we will build a special version of Sisimizi Game Catalog for you (and your users). This version comes with your logo and name added to the startup screen, a "yourname Special Edition" on program's main window, a "Search on internet" URL list that does not contain competitive websites anymore, and the plugin for your website. The Special Edition is not crippled in any way and users can add missing scripts from our servers later. We do not expect anything in return, neither an article about the program, nor any good rating if it should be tested. Nothing. This offer is absolutely free. We only want to take the chance of introducing our software to larger communities and give all users the possibility to get access to more interesting websites. We think that's somehow a good deal for all of us. ;-)

(d) If you want Sisimizi Game Catalog to feature an official plugin for your website, simply contact our project manager on the contact page.

Note: Official plugins are scripts that are written by permanent developers and will always be updated as soon as possible (e.g. on website changes), while plugins from other, limited contributers might be updated on a more sporadic base or by different volunteers.


Contact us

If you have other questions related to the usage of your website not answered in this document or somewhere else on the website, do not hesitate to contact our project manager, who will most likely be able to answer your questions. You can use our contact page or our support forum for that.

On our side, for official plugins, we are trying to contact all webmasters to inform them about these, but sometimes it is hard to find proper contact information and often we don’t even get an answer. For plugins developed by limited contributors not related to the permanent ones, it's hardly possible to know if they really contacted website's owner, especially for websites that only support non-english languages. If your website has been visited by users of Sisimizi Game Catalog through a plugin and - after reading this document - you still don't want to give permission for this, please let us know and we will delete the plugin from our servers. In this case we apologize for the inconvenience.